Tempted to go to the ladies room

Finished up with one of the residents in her office. A big guy went by, knocked on the door and then walked into Dearth's office. Less than a minute later he came back out pushing a wheelchair with a little hunched over old lady in it. When the woman saw his uniform her eyes got big and she latched onto his hand as she went by. Oh officer, I'm so glad you're here! The big guy said, Let him go Evelyn. He began roughly prying her fingers loose. Sorry officer, I'll get her out of your way right away. Jameson didn't like the rough treatment the man was giving the old lady and put his hand on the big guy's shoulder. Let her go. When the big guy hesitated, he said, Let her go, NOW. The orderly or whoever he was, quit prying at the old woman's fingers and stepped back. Jameson stooped down to look the old woman in the face and gave her a big smile. Why are you glad I'm here ma'am, what's wrong? The old woman smiled back showing only her gums, no teeth in evidence. You came about Peachy didn't you? They killed her last week you know. Mr. Colliers tried to stop them, but they took him away and locked him up. Jameson remembered the name from Colliers letter. Peachy Williams ma'am? Evelyn said, Yes, Peachy Williams, she was my roommate you know. Dr. Death took her to the room and killed her. Isn't that http://acontimo.ro/ why you've come? Jameson ignored her question and asked one of his own. The person you call Dr. Death, do you mean Dr. Dearth? Another female voice answered before Evelyn could, She means me. Mr. Colliers started to call me that and now they all do when they think I'm not listening. A woman stood in the doorway, she was in her mid fifties and had a cruel smile on her lips. She reminded Jameson of nurse Ratched from that old movie 'One flew over the Cuckoo's nest.' google Please come into my office and I'll explain. Irving, please take Mrs. Johnson to her room. Jameson looked back at Evelyn Johnson, but the old woman had turned her head and she didn't look like she was going to say anything else. He thought he saw fear in her eyes and her hand trembled. Jameson stood up, stepped out of the way and let imobiliare bucuresti her be taken away. He watched Irving's back as he wheeled the old woman bucuresti away. He turned to face Dr. Dearth. Lets go, he said. She led him into her office, Please have a seat Officer Jameson. She pointed to a imobiliare bucuresti small chair in front of her desk. Jameson ignored her finger and dragged a larger chair from the corner over. That seemed to irritate her. He didn't like her imobiliare bucuresti already and he had just met her. Have you found Mr. Colliers yet officer? No doctor, I'm afraid we haven't and it's very perplexing. Ordinarily a case like this would be wrapped up in less than two hours. Somehow Mr. Colliers continues to elude us, we believe someone is helping him. Any idea who that could be? It must be the daughter. Who else could it be? Tell me Dr. Dearth, why do you think that? I told her about her father's deteriorating condition and she was a little upset when she left here yesterday. Mr. Colliers is very paranoid due to his condition, he may have convinced her to help him escape. The father daughter bond can be a strong one, she would probably do just